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Warranty Terms

Thank you for choosing Carrier products. Please fill in the warranty card and mail it back to our company for warranty registration within 10 days from the date of purchase.

Warranty Policy

1.  Our company has an option to repair the products, which our technicians confirm any damage, malfunction or manufacturing defect under normal condition, free of charge within the warranty period commencing from the date of purchase invoice.  Such warranty will not cover any cases if the product cannot normally function or the functioning is affected due to lack of proper maintenance*. Also, compressor warranty covers parts fee only and does not cover labour, refrigerant refill, transportation and other related costs.


Warranty Period

Inverter window type air conditioner

4-year on product & 5- year on compressor

Fix speed window type air conditioner

3-year on product & 5- year on compressor

Portable air conditioner

3-year on product & 5- year on compressor


2-year on product & 5- year on compressor

Split type, Window split type, Floor standing type, Cassette type, Fan coil unit air conditioners

1-year on product & 1- year on compressor

Air curtain, oil-filled radiator


Air purifier


2.  This warranty does not cover:

a.  Damages due to misuse, abuse or negligence and those acts which do not conform to the specifications in the Owner’s Manual.

b.  Equipment malfunctions due to abnormal voltage supply or power interruption

c.  Damages due to an act of God, natural disaster, war or public disturbance.

d.  Any damages or malfunctioning incurred from improper installation if the installation is not done by our company.

e.  Product has been repaired or altered by unauthorized technicians.

f.   Any installation of hauling facilities and service platform for overhauling/service.

g.  Equipment is not a fixed installation on land.

h.  Damage caused by transportation.

i.   Overhaul cleaning of the product. Rust removal, mold cleaning and external cleaning work for the product

j.   Cleansing works incurred from malfunctioning or odour due to dust accumulated.

k.  Damages of movable plastic parts after 1 month of purchase

l.   Accessories (such as remote control) and premiums

3.  Customer should provide a safe working environment to our technicians and our company will refuse to work if the working environment cannot meet our safety requirement.

4.  Our company shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss, claims, or contingent in connection with any defects, faults or failure of the product.

5.  Warranty is valid for Hong Kong only. For service rendering an outlying islands or restricted area, a travelling fee will be levied. (If workshop service is required, customer is responsible for the transportation of the product to and from our repair service station, or any place in the urban area.)

6.  Please keep this original warranty card and official purchase receipt and present to our staff for verification when needed.

7.  The warranty is invalid if the serial number of the product is damaged, altered or removed and if the address where the product is installed does not correspond with that of the registered.

8.  Our company reserves the right for final judgment and decision on this warranty policy upon dispute.

*Proper maintenance includes regular cleansing of air filters, check-up, repair and cleansing of internal parts by qualified technicians.

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